About us

Psychic Academy was founded by Intuitive Rene (Rene Bee) who has been reading and teaching various forms of Psychic Development for over 15 years. Rene was born with the gift of Clairaudience and has a strong fascination with various Divination systems.

Over the years, in between private sessions with clients around the world, Rene has been teaching everything from Usui Reiki Energy Healing; Tarot; Dowsing with Pendulums, and so much more. Rene has always been enthusiastic about teaching people, and so the idea for this website began. A website where people can work at their own pace, and in their own time, to learn about all things esoteric, spiritual and all different forms of divination. Psychic Academy will host many courses created by Rene as well as some interesting courses taught by other teachers.